Phnom Penh is getting a face lift

Phnom Penh has changed a lot since I was here last (check out the Cambodia page).
The very first thing I noticed are the new Tuk-tuks now similar to the ones in Sri Lanka, Peru or India, but I do prefer the old type, resembling horse coaches pulled by a motorbike. Some are still in service but their end is nigh.

Also, a massive shopping mall, which had been under construction for ages has been finished. It's mostly empty though, because the average Cambodian can't afford to go shopping here. The locals, and I agree with them, prefer the street markets which are cheaper and more fun. Early in the mornings, monks still patrol those open air markets, collecting donations and chanting blessings. They are the only ones not in a hurry, everybody else is rushing along buying and selling all sorts of things. Anything can be bought here. Shirts made to fit, life fish in a plastic bag, pork's intestines, condoms, vitamin pills, all sorts of vegetables and medicines, chickens dead or alive, paint, yogurt, make up, real or fake hair, lottery tickets, carpets and blocks of ice. One can view and purchase all of the above while never getting off one's bike. It's mad and marvelous!