About Me

I travel the world, take photos and write about it.
All photos are mine, taken with a Fuji X-S1 or a Huawei phone (used to be a Mate S but recently I've upgraded to a P 30). If you are looking to use any of my images, please use the Contact button to request the originals (I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement). Usually I spent a few months (sometimes a few years) in a new country, trying to understand the culture, the people and their habits, learn their history and understand their pride and their shame.
On this site I share what I've learned in a (hopefully) entertaining manner.

If you would like some specific information about a certain place or country to help you plan your holiday or just because you're curious, I'd be much obliged if you use the Contact button and let me know. I will most certainly try to help you the best I can. Should you or some of your friends require a guide for an unusual trip to a 'new' country Contact me and let's talk about it.