The other day at breakfast, I was just enjoying my first coffee, my landlord got very excited. 'Look, look!', he said and pointed at the bushes next to the breakfast table. At first I thought he was just happy to see them flowering and smiled politely. I had just woken up and was on my first cupper after all. But he insisted and made me stand up and walk over to where he was standing and look at the bushes with him. 'Yes', I said 'Very pretty!' But this didn't satisfy him. Again, he said, 'Look' and pointed. And then I saw it. A bizarre looking, green creature, about 8 centimetres long with cartoon eyes, was eating the bushes. I'd never seen anything like it. 'Look, they are everywhere', he shouted, pointing at various sections of the bushes, and indeed they were, munching away as if there is no tomorrow. Some were smaller, others about as long and thick as man's finger.
'They will eat everything.' he explained and added 'I have poison'. 'Please wait!', I implored and rushed to get my camera. I took a few shots and then did a reverse image search on google to find out what those beasts are. Google identified them as Oleander Hawkmoth caterpillars.
Those animals were about to go underground for their final metamorphosis if it weren't for my landlord. Displaying an unusual aggressiveness he poisoned them all to save his shrubs.
That was the end of the alien invasion