It’s murder

Yes, you are watching an assassination in process, a cold blooded murder! The so called ‘Strangler fig’ is a killer, as the name suggests. It all starts innocently enough. A bird picks up a seed and deposits it high up in a tree. The bird is an ignorant accomplice, a tool, and can’t really be […]

Aliens are amongst us

The other day at breakfast, I was just enjoying my first coffee, my landlord got very excited. ‘Look, look!’, he said and pointed at the bushes next to the breakfast table. At first I thought he was just happy to see them flowering and smiled politely. I had just woken up and was on my […]


The Elephant is an important part of the Sri Lankan culture. There are an estimated 4000 wild elephants living on this island. Most of the big herds live in the national parks and can be visited in organised safaris. The herds are living in a matriarchy and as a rule, males are not tolerated in […]


Badulla is in the ‘mountains’ on the southern side of Sri Lanka and much cooler. I found a small guest house near the botanical garden. The people there were very friendly as most Sri Lankans are. In the evening after a lovely dinner I sat outside with the owner for a little chat and a […]