Yes, you are watching an assassination in process, a cold blooded murder!
The so called 'Strangler fig' is a killer, as the name suggests. It all starts innocently enough. A bird picks up a seed and deposits it high up in a tree. The bird is an ignorant accomplice, a tool, and can't really be blamed for what it's doing. It might have stashed the seed for later consumption and forgot about it, or the seed had actually been eaten and the bird just happen to relief itself while sitting on a branch.
However, the seed is now somewhere on that tree and starts growing a tentacle towards the ground and another one up, towards the sun. Once it reaches the ground, it grows roots around the trees roots and stops it from 'feeding'. The strangler now gets stronger and stronger and slowly but surely covers the tree completely, blocking out all light, as well. Eventually the tree dies.
This process can take years, decades or centuries but the tree will die.
In the photo below you see how the killer has taken over completely. The original tree died long ago and was eaten by maggots.
A system designed by a truly 'loving' god?

The original tree died long ago and was eaten by maggots.